About Claudio Starzak

Claudio Starzak was born in Patagonia, Argentina.  A self-taught artist and jeweler, he was introduced to metalsmithing at a young age.  With a modest set of tools, Claudio spent years traveling South and Central America, making jewelry all the while, and being influenced by ancient cultures and sacred sites.  Crossing paths with master jewelers, healers and shamans Claudio’s skills and style evolved.

Claudio feels the use of jewelry has untraceable origins and many facets.  What stands out the most for him is the ability for a personal piece of jewelry to carry deep value within.  This value, in an original piece given as a gift or passed on in a family can act as a powerful intimate tool for deep soul connection.

Today after over 23 years of working with precious metals and natural gems and crystals, Claudio’s mission as an artist remains to inspire love, joy and harmony by bringing more beauty into this world.  He now resides in  Portland, Oregon where he keeps a studio and gallery open to the public.